Flights to China from USA: CZ600 pre-flight testing requirements

China Southern Plane

China Southern will add a new route to the list of flights to China from USA by resuming direct flights from New York to Guangzhou (flight CZ600) every Saturday beginning December 3, 2022 (US Eastern Time).

China Southern issued a notice informing passengers taking flight CZ600 that they must complete the dual PCR tests only at the testing agencies designated by China Southern.

During check-in, the airlines staff will review the test report. You will not be able to board the CZ600 flight if the “dual nucleic acid” tests were not performed at the specified testing facilities!

Requirements for testing

Within 48 hours of departure, a “double nucleic acid” test need be performed.

For instance, if flight CZ600 flight takes off at 00:45 on December 3, then the first nucleic acid sampling must be done on December 1, and the second nucleic acid sampling on December 2.

However, the second test must be more than 24 hours after the first!

The tests must be completed at China Southern designated testing agencies below which are located in New York City:


  • This is a screenshot of the current list of testing institutions. China Southern is maintaining the list in a Tencent document that you can access here for any updates.
  • Passengers who are not located in New York must arrive in New York at least 2 days in advance in order to do the dual PCR tests.