Flights to China from Serbia: Air Serbia adds a new route

Air Serbia will begin operating direct flights to China from Serbia on December 9 that will connect Belgrade with Tianjin.

Belgrade Airport

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will only be one trip per week between the two cities. A flight will leave from Belgrade on Fridays for Tianjin, with a flight from the largest port city in north China returning on Sundays.

22 years have passed since JAT’s final trip to Beijing in October 2000, and now the national carrier is resuming direct flights to China. Air Serbia will be the only European airline currently operating flights from Tianjin and one of the few European airlines with direct flights to China.

Air Serbia will ensure seamless connections via Belgrade to a number of locations in its network, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Valencia, Prague, Venice, Zagreb, and other locations throughout Europe and the larger Balkans region.

The website of the People’s Republic of China embassy contains the most accurate information regarding travel to and entry requirements for the nation.