Transit to China via South Korea: Pre-flight testing requirements

Transit to China via South Korea: Pre-flight testing requirements

This post explains the testing requirements in order to transit to China via South Korea, where the Chinese embassy in Seoul does not require upload of the health code in the country of origin.

However, due to the impossibility to conduct relevant tests at the Seoul Incheon airport transit area, a K-ETA or visa to South Korea is required in order to stay for at least 2-3 days and conduct the double PCR tests to obtain the blue health code and fly to China.

Testing Requirements

1. First PCR test

Two days prior to boarding you must take the first nucleic acid test is performed.

For example, if the flight departs on September 10 then the first test should be done as early as 12:00 AM on September 8.

2. Second PCR test

Within the first 24 hours prior to boarding the second PCR test is top be taken.

You must make sure that the two tests are:

  • taken more than 24 hours apart.
  • Done in two different institutions, using different reagents.

3. Test Reporting Requirements

  • It can be performed at any legal testing facility in South Korea listed here.
  • Test report can be in Electronic version, paper version, e-mail, or mobile phone text message.
  • No format or language requirements, but the report must indicate the applicant’s:
    • Name
    • Passport
    • Birthday and the test sampling time (down to the hour)