All-in-one services for all public transport in Shanghai via more digital apps

All-in-one services for all public transport in Shanghai via more digital apps

Starting from Saturday, Shanghai residents are able to swipe a code on new channels including Suishenban, both app, and mini-programs, to take either Metro, buses, or ferry boats.

They can also use the code on the Shanghai public traffic card app and Suishenxing app, Shanghai’s all-in-one mobile platform for green commuting in the city, as the city has finished all renovations of 10,517 gate machines in 508 stations on the 20 Metro lines, including the maglev, the Shanghai Transportation Commission said on Friday.

Instead of scanning the venue code and changing apps to take public transportation, passengers only need to show their code on Suishenban, Suishenxing, and other official transportation apps, as those codes have been upgraded to include the last PCR test time.

By using the all-in-one code to transfer transportation, such as between bus and Metro, users can enjoy a 1 yuan (14 US cents) discount, according to the officials.

Residents can also enter other public venues, such as shopping malls by scanning the codes on the Suishenxing app and Suishenban.

The Suishenxing app is the first metropolitan MaaS platform in the world that has been initiated by a government and achieved its basic functions, including public transportation, taxi hailing, and smart parking.

The digital platform was released on October 10, based on Shanghai’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) system, which was developed by the state-owned Shanghai Mobility Service Technology Company.

In case of defaults

The officials remind that to prevent technical defaults, users should scan the code from the same platform when they enter and leave the Metro stations.

If users encounter problems when using the code for public transportation, there are hotlines for help.

Users having problems when using Suishenban can call 12345 for help. Multiple languages are available.

Users having problems when using the Suishenxing app can call 4008200022 (6 am to 10 pm), which also provides English service from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm.

Users having problems when using the Shanghai Transport app can call 962319.

Source: SHINE