Shanghai Disneyland Admission Pricing Changes Effective June 23, 2023

Shanghai Disney Resort will raise the entrance price to Shanghai Disneyland beginning June 23, 2023. The new definition and rate for the four-tiered pricing structure (Regular, Regular Plus, Peak, and Peak Plus) will be as follows:

  • The “Regular” price of entrance to Shanghai Disneyland is 475 RMB for most weekdays and chosen weekends
  • The “Regular Plus” price of admission is 599 RMB for specific weekends and selected weekdays.
  • The “peak” entry price, which covers the majority of the summer season, selected Chinese statutory holiday periods (including their shoulder days), internationally recognized celebration periods, park special event days, and other peak attendance days, is set at 719 RMB.
  • The “Peak Plus” price of admission is set at 799 RMB and covers selected Chinese statutory holiday periods, park special event days, and selected days in the summer season.

Children (aged 3 to 11 years old, both inclusive; or with a height above 1.0 meters and up to 1.4 meters), seniors (60 years and older), and guests with disabilities (certificate/proof of disability required) will continue to receive a 25% discount.

Infants (those under three or with a height of one meter or less) will continue to be admitted free of charge.