Flights to China from UK: BA to resume service after a two-year suspension

Flights to China from UK: BA to resume service after a two-year suspension

Beginning in April, British Airways will resume its flights to China from UK and since February 3, tickets from London to Shanghai and Beijing are available. It comes after a two-year BA travel suspension on certain routes as a result of stringent Covid travel regulations.

The statement follows China’s decision in January to finally relax some of its travel restrictions for the first time since the pandemic started.

All Covid testing rules and quarantine restrictions were lifted, allowing Chinese citizens to once again take leisure vacations overseas, while tourism permits are still not yet available for China.

Starting on April 23, there will be daily flights between London Heathrow and Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Meanwhile, beginning on June 3, there will be four weekly flights from Heathrow to Beijing Daxing Airport.

Since 1980, British Airways has operated flights to China. Covid is to blame for the first pause in service between the two nations in more than 40 years.

Although BA flights to China did return around August 2020, they were never again offered because of an increase in infection rates around January 2021.

We are eager to welcome our customers back on board our flights from Shanghai and Beijing.

We know they had been anticipating seeing their loved ones again, going to study in the UK, and starting up business between China and the UK.

We have been connecting the two countries for more than 40 years, so we have an extremely rich history of flying to mainland China. We are eager to start up these routes once more.

Noella Ferns, Head of Sales for Asia Pacific at British Airways