China Visa: A How To Understand The Number Of Entries, Period Of Stay, And Validity

In this post, we will explain the connection between the number of entries, period of stay, and validity listed on your China visa.

Validity: The timeframe during which the holder is permitted to enter China.

Entries: How many times the visa holder may enter China while the visa is still valid.

Duration of stay: The maximum amount of time a visa holder is permitted to spend in China during each visit, and it starts counting the day after arrival.


  • The visa is no longer valid if:
    • All permissible entries have been made.
    • The validity period has already passed, even if there are still unclaimed entries.
  • If another trip to China is anticipated, the visa holder should submit an application for a new visa in either scenario.
  • There are three kinds of entries:
    • 01: Single
    • 02: Double
    • M: Multiple
  • If the permitted entries on the visa have not been used up, the holder is permitted to enter China at any time before its validity expires (allowed to enter China before midnight Beijing Time on the last date of its validity).
  • The planned length of the holder’s stay in China cannot exceed the duration specified in the visa.
  • For holders of X1, Q1, Z, D, or J1 visas, the duration of stay will be showing as 000 which means that 30 days from the date of entry, they must go through the process of acquiring a residence permit at the local public security bureau in China.