China will display its Digital Yuan during the summer world university games

When the CBDC is used at the Summer World University Games in Chengdu in July, student athletes from all over the world will have the possibility to use the Chinese digital yuan.

As reported by the Chinese media outlet The Cover, the games will be the first “major international sports event” to “officially use the digital yuan following the Beijing Winter Olympics.”

Every two years, university students from all around the world compete in a variety of sports, including tennis, athletics, rowing, swimming, gymnastics, and swimming.

The event’s Executive Committee will employ public digital yuan wallets that the organizers claimed to have “successfully created.”

Additionally, the event planners asserted that they had “achieved initial results” when putting the CBDC to use in “scenarios” related to the event, including food, medical care, and transportation.

From July 28 to August 8, the competition will take place in areas close to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and neighbouring Jianyang County, with 34 nations taking part.

This week saw the start of a torch relay commencing at Peking University.