China visa changes could attract job-hunting IT pros

A change to China’s visa laws due to come into force this (northern) summer could make the People’s Republic a more attractive destination for ex-pat IT professionals up for the challenge, but the vital details on exactly which skills are needed are still being worked out. More on this article here.

How to get married in Shanghai? (From personal experience)

Yep, I have decided some time ago to tie the knot and getting married with my Chinese babe. Although marriage in China is an easy process, however getting all the necessary paperwork can be very time consuming and most of the information I found online at that time were either outdated or simply … wrong. … Read more

First week of being an IBMer

In my last post, I talked about my departure from HP. From March 1st, I started working for…IBM. Yep, from HP to IBM. Only this time, my work focus is in a new area: storage testing or in other words, from computer software to computer hardware. This past week, I got to re-meet my new … Read more

Today marked my last day at Hewlett-Packard

After more than 4 years of service, it felt very emotional for me to leave a team of friends and co-workers I have been with such a long time starting from the localization team to HP Client Automation and finally to Financial Planning and Analysis. Now a new step of my career will start but … Read more

I got a laowai (老外) cup

I usually go for a cup of coffee after lunch at Secret Recipe near Zhang Jiang subway station before heading back to the office. Still, given that Secret Recipe was crowded on that day (January 31), I decided to go for a coffee at Starbucks. So far, this does not look unusual to the reader,, … Read more

Back to (visiting) my former university in Tunis

Faculte des sciences de Tunis

Today, I decided to make a trip and visit my former university (Faculty of Sciences of Tunis), where I did my BSc of Computer Science. I graduated from there in 2002, so eight years later, many things have changed there. As I was walking around, old memories kept on coming back like the amphitheaters where … Read more

From Pudong to Puxi by ferry

Shanghai Ferry

I have been in Shanghai for more than three and a half years now, and my transportation choices were always limited to Bus, Subway or Taxi. However, today, I decided to give a try at another means of transportation, which is … Ferry. As weird as it sounds, it is not possible to go by … Read more

How to apply for a driver’s license in Shanghai?

This article is a guide on how foreign nationals managed to obtain their Chinese driver’s license in Shanghai. Note: The process may vary slightly depending on the location and traffic bureau in which you apply. It’s recommended to contact the local traffic bureau in advance to confirm the specific requirements and procedures. This article was … Read more