From Pudong to Puxi by ferry

I have been in Shanghai for more than three and a half years now, and my transportation choices were always limited to Bus, Subway or Taxi.
However, today, I decided to give a try at another means of transportation, which is … Ferry.
As weird as it sounds, it is not possible to go by bicycle from Pudong to Puxi because the bridges have been made just for cars (who would have thought this is true in the country of bikes) so the only way to do it is to take a ferry.
So today, I decided to take my bicycle and ride to take the ferry from Tangqiao road.
While on the ferry, I was able to see both the Nanpu bridge as well as the Shanghai Expo site (China pavilion was vast and visible from the ship).

All in all, the experience was quite exciting, and hopefully, I will plan it again another time 🙂

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