IBM Cloud – not just for big business


Offering multi-tenant and dedicated bare metal environments gives organisations required assurances

 Declan Hussey, DNA IT Solutions

The way organisations consume technology is constantly evolving. As organisations’ appetite for technology adoption has increased, they want to consume these services on a strategic, managed basis. The cloud has enabled this, by removing many of the obstacles around buying physical hardware and networking equipment.

We have always taken the approach of trying to build roadmaps for our customers. This is part of our ethos, and we call it ‘the DNA way’. That’s because it’s more vital than ever to plot a course to the cloud in a way that aligns with what the business is trying to achieve. Some organisations are well informed but want to know more about the available options; some have understandable concerns about such a move and others are simply unsure of where to go.

Why IBM Cloud?
When the time came to evaluate cloud offerings we could present to our customers, data integrity was a critical issue. This is one of the reasons why we became a cloud partner of IBM. Its ability to offer multi-tenant or completely dedicated bare metal environments gives organisations the assurance they need. More than just a technology option, the IBM Cloud is built to solve business challenges.

Through a partner like DNA IT Solutions, organisations get rapid access to leading-edge technology and a fast on-ramp on the road to the cloud.

Flexible – You can get exactly what you need for your business. If you want certain aspects now, other parts later, or all you can get right now, it is all possible.

Simple – Easy to access through DNA, who will expertly guide you through the whole process in an easy, managed way.

Scalable – ready to scale up or down as your business demands it. Only paying for what you use and ready to change when you are. One of our recent customers has saved the business €300,000 over the past three years by moving to the IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud enables you to:

  • Deploy high performance compute and storage infrastructure in secure IBM Cloud Data centres around the world.
  • Test and adopt a broad range of Cloud services and capabilities from IBM, open source communities and third-party developers.
  • Connect to all your legacy systems and apps from a single, scalable, Cloud platform through private network and API capabilities.
  • Spin up and turn down resources in real time as your business needs or workload demands change.

IBM Cloud infrastructure provides the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. IBM Cloud infrastructure is one platform, which takes data centres around the world that are full of the widest range of cloud computing options, then integrates and automates everything.

Perfect for SME’s too!
One of the best features of IBM Cloud is that SMEs can now benefit from the power of enterprise class tools and services from IBM, like Watson data analytics; that previously would have been only available to large enterprise customers. Its priced to be economically viable for small businesses to start small and grow as they need to.

Declan Hussey is cloud solutions director of DNA IT Solutions