Digital Yuan to be available in all retail scenarios

DCEP available In Shenzhen

Mu Changchun, the director of the People’s Bank of China’s (PBOC) Digital Currency Research Institute, recently emphasised the necessity of making the digital yuan accessible and convenient for all types of retail transactions in a lecture. He stated that the digital yuan, also known as e-CNY, should work with a variety of payment scenarios and … Read more

The Best Chinese Laptops Under $500: A Comprehensive Review

Are you on the hunt for a high-quality laptop that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Chinese laptops! With their affordable price tags and impressive performance, these machines are becoming increasingly popular among budget-conscious consumers. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone seeking an affordable computing solution, this comprehensive review will introduce … Read more

Presearch vs Google: Which One Offers Better Results?

Looking for information on the internet has become a routine task for many of us. But have you ever wondered if there’s an alternative to Google that offers better results? In today’s post, we’ll be exploring Presearch – a decentralized search engine that claims to provide unbiased and reliable results. We’ll compare it with the … Read more

China’s Singles Day: Major E-Commerce Platforms Report Record Sales

Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba, JD, and Douyin released their Singles Day first sales figures on Monday. More than half of the 102 brands that exceeded RMB 100 million in sales in the first hour on Alibaba’s Tmall are local Chinese brands. Which brands are featured is not specified by the company. According to JD, sales … Read more

Microsoft brings Android 13 into Windows 11

Microsoft just released a road map for the future of WSA on GitHub. One of these functionalities is the development of a WSA-based Android 13 for Windows 11. In addition to listing features that will be implemented in the future, the roadmap also shows the features that are currently implemented in Windows 11 like: audio … Read more

Crypto Alerts: Metrika, a blockchain monitoring startup, has raised $14 million in funding from Coinbase Ventures and others.

Crypto alerts are buzzing about Metrika, a startup based in the United States that provides operational monitoring tools for blockchain networks, that has raised $14 million in a Series A funding round. Neotribe Ventures led the round, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Samsung NEXT, Nyca Partners, and SCB 10X, among others. This was an equity round, and as part of the deal, Swaroop “Kittu” Kolluri of Neotribe Ventures joined Metrika’s board, according to Metrika CEO Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos. Metrika intends to use the new funds to expand the platform’s capacity and broaden its customer base across industries. “We are allocating … Read more

Crypto Alerts: How Can I Track the Movement of Crypto Pumps Online?

Finding crypto alerts online is difficult because most of the time the pump is discovered after it has already occurred. With the vast contents of the internet, there is a Twitter tool that may assist those who are interested in learning more about the crypto market and where whales are moving. Kucoin $COMB/$USDT is a Twitter account that can be followed to receive updates whenever there is a pump in the crypto space. Recently, on Twitter indicated that COMB/USDT had just been pumped on Kucoin. According to the tweet, the currency grew by a whopping 21.50 per cent, with a volume increase of +35.21! … Read more

3 Reasons DigitalOcean Could Become a Leading Cloud Computing Platform

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud continue to dominate the massive and still-expanding cloud computing industry. When migrating operations to the cloud, one of these companies will likely play the most prominent organizations worldwide. However, DigitalOcean, which recently went public, is making waves by focusing on a different economic segment: small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), … Read more