Crypto Alerts: How Can I Track the Movement of Crypto Pumps Online?

Crypto Alerts: How Can I Track the Movement of Crypto Pumps Online?

Finding crypto alerts online is difficult because most of the time the pump is discovered after it has already occurred. With the vast contents of the internet, there is a Twitter tool that may assist those who are interested in learning more about the crypto market and where whales are moving.

Kucoin $COMB/$USDT is a Twitter account that can be followed to receive updates whenever there is a pump in the crypto space. Recently, on Twitter indicated that COMB/USDT had just been pumped on Kucoin. According to the tweet, the currency grew by a whopping 21.50 per cent, with a volume increase of +35.21!

Before the $COMB breakout, another Twitter account, CoinCallers, tweeted. However, prior to joining pumps, it is critical to conduct research. Although some pumps occur due to fundamental reasons, such as $SOL, which has a large community betting on how Solano can contribute significantly to the blockchain, not all coins follow these fundamentals.

$SOL is bullish

With thousands of cryptocurrencies available, it can be difficult to identify potential cryptocurrencies such as $SOL, which has reportedly increased by more than 300 per cent in the last 30 days. However, for those who buy the coin at the right time, the potential for profit is quite high.

This is said to have happened with Dogecoin, resulting in massive profits for early buyers. However, at the moment, Dogecoin may not be performing as well as it did before reaching $0.01. However, there are still some altcoins that could bring in profits.

Before Investing or Trading, DYOR 

Before making any investment, it is critical to DYOR (do your own research). With NFT games such as “Axie Infinity” becoming increasingly popular, it is critical for players to first assess the risk and conduct research before attempting to play any game. With more and more NFT games becoming recognizable, it is critical for players to do their homework before diving in.

Also, while NFT games do generate profits for some, they remain games, which is why those considering these games as investments should do their homework first. With games like “Crypto Blades” and “CryptoZoon” becoming more difficult to profit from, it is critical for players to understand when to enter, when to exit, and when to profit.

Other Methods of Earning Money with Cryptocurrency

Using the right indicators is also critical when it comes to trading in general. However, not all indicators may be effective. Another way for people to profit from cryptocurrency is to select the right cryptocurrency and hold it until it becomes significantly profitable.

Another way for people to profit from cryptocurrency is by staking and providing liquidity in yield farms. Although not all farms are good investments, the majority of them do. Before engaging in any type of investment, whether cryptocurrency or other potential investments, it is critical to conduct your own research.