Crypto alerts: An Unsurpassed Hamster Outperforms Warren Buffett and the S&P 500

Crypto Alerts are buzzing about Meet Mr Goxx: a hamster who works out of what may be the most technologically advanced hamster cage in existence, as you can see from the YouTube video below:

It’s set up so that when Mr Goxx spins the hamster wheel, he can choose from dozens of cryptocurrencies. Then, after selecting between two tunnels, he decides whether to buy or sell. According to the hamster’s Twitch account, his decision is sent to a real trading platform — and yes, real money is involved.

We’re not telling you to copy this hamster’s financial decisions, nor are we claiming that this process is scientific in any way. The identity of the person behind this hamster’s account and money has not been revealed.

But, according to his Twitter account, his portfolio has increased by nearly 20% since he began trading in June. And, as of September 12, Mr Goxx outperformed Bitcoin, the Nasdaq 100, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, and the S&P 500. While Mr Goxx’s methodology is at best haphazard, it highlights that where people get their financial advice is changing.