Japan’s Fukui Bank migrates to IBM Cloud to enable operational transformation

Source: Gigabit Magazine


Japan-based bank Fukui Bank has announced that it will migrate its distributed process system to IBM Cloud to drive an operational transformation.

In doing so, the bank aims to create a more flexible IT environment, improve operational security and address customer needs.

It will also help Fukui Bank enhance its initiative to support local community development.

Commenting on the partnership, IBM said: “IBM Cloud provides a framework that allows applications in a virtual infrastructure environment to be migrated as is, which will help Fukui Bank build a cloud environment quickly.

“As Fukui Bank continues to move data, applications and associated services from its existing infrastructure to the cloud, it is using IBM Cloud Migration Factory to take a multi-pronged approach to re-host, re-platform, re-architect, and modernize its infrastructure.

“By using IBM Cloud Migration Factory with automation and other tools, the bank is looking to reduce migration costs and time.”

Fukui Bank plans to start operation on IBM cloud in the first half of this year.