iOS 13 is LIVE: Here’s four vital things every Apple iPhone fan must do before upgrading

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APPLE’S iOS 13 is now available to iPhone and iPod Touch owners across the globe. But before you hit the switch and upgrade your device, there are four things every iPhone user must do.

Apple iOS 13

Apple iOS 13 release (Image: APPLE)


After months of waiting, Apple has started to unleash its iOS 13 operating system to iPhone users across the world.

This blockbuster update, which was first announced back in June, includes a new Dark Mode, improved photos app, and a quicker way to send messages with the QuickPath keyboard.

Security has also been beefed-up massively in this upgrade, and there’s an overall performance bump, which should make your iPhone feel a little faster.

You can find out more about the Apple iOS 13 features here.


If you’re excited about the prospect of getting this upgrade, then head to Settings > General > Software Update now. Apple started to roll-out the software upgrade worldwide from around 6pm BST. If you can’t see it yet, don’t panic! Apple software updates are notoriously popular, so it might take some time to materialise.

Thankfully, that gives you time to check out our guide to downloading iOS 13 and all the things you need to do before hitting the upgrade button…


First up it’s worth clearing some space off of your iPhone to avoid any disappointment.

iOS 13 is thought to be around 3GB in size so you’ll need at least that amount of storage on your device before you even think about downloading it.


Apple’s updates are usually pretty bug-free but there’s always a chance things can go wrong.

With this in mind, it’s worth making sure your iPhone is fully backed up to the cloud or your Mac before updating to iOS 13.

Then, if the worst does happen you’ll be able to retrieve all your setting, files and precious photos.

Apple iOS 13

Apple iOS 13 (Image: APPLE)



With iOS 13’s file size coming in at a rather hefty 3GB you won’t be able to download it via your mobile network.

This means you’ll need to be at near some fast broadband if you want to get all the new features installed on your phone.

It’s also worth remembering that everyone will be trying to download this upgrade tonight so it can take longer once initially released.

If you are happy to wait, you may find it easier to hold off for a few days before taking the plunge.


All of the latest devices will be compatible with iOS 13 but it’s worth noting that not everyone will be able to download it.

Anyone with an iPhone 6 or older will be left without access and will need to upgrade their device to access the new features.

Here’s a full list of devices that can access iOS 13:

iPhone 11 • iPhone 11 Pro • iPhone 11 Pro Max • iPhone XS • iPhone XS Max • iPhone XR • iPhone X • iPhone 8 • iPhone 8 Plus • iPhone 7 • iPhone 7 Plus • iPhone 6s • iPhone 6s Plus • iPhone SE • iPod touch (7th generation)

That means iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 5S are no longer getting the latest mobile operating system upgrades from Apple and will be stuck on iOS 12 forever.


  1. From what I heard it’s quite buggy at the moment, so it might be better to stay on iOS 12 until all the major issues are fixed. It’s been publicly available for around two weeks now and we’re already on 13.1.2!

    • Yes indeed! I am already stuck with it and the moment but I did make an archived backup based in 12.4.1 before I upgraded.

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