Two flights suspended (including one extended suspension) and one flight cancellation from the UAE to China

Cancelled Flights

On March 10, the Civil Aviation Administration of China announced the suspension of two international flights for two weeks starting March 22:

  • Emirates’ Flight EK 362 from Dubai to Guangzhou (flight was already suspended for two weeks from March 8)
  • Etihad’s Flight EY 862 from Abu Dhabi to Shanghai

On February 27, five passengers on flight EK 362 tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

On March 1, seven passengers on flight EY 862 tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Flight EY 862 entering the country before March 22 can continue and the quota for that flight will not be used for other routes.

As a result of the suspension of the flight EY 862, the award flight EY 818 (Abu Dhabi – Chengdu – Beijing) is being canceled.

If a flight triggers the circuit breaker mechanism during the period before March 22, it will result in an increase in suspension time.


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