How Does the ​Chinese Version of the ITHC (International Travel Health Certificate) Work?

At the time of posting, the certificate is available to Chinese citizens only and not yet to foreigners residing in China.

On March 7, State Councilor Wang Yi announced the launch of the Chinese version of the “International Travel Health Certificate” or ITHC for short at the press conference of the Foreign Ministers of the “two sessions,” proposing a practical “Chinese solution” to promote the world economic recovery and facilitate the movement of people across borders.”

On March 8, the Chinese version of the “International Travel Health Certificate” was made available as a WeChat mini program.

What is the Chinese version of the ITHC?

The certificate consists of nucleic acid test and serum antibody results, vaccine injection, and other information. It has an encrypted code to allow authorities to verify the holder’s personal information, according to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 The health certificate contains an encrypted QR code for various countries’ relevant departments to verify the authenticity and read personal information.

The ITHC is available in both electronic and paper versions.

The electronic version of the ITHC
The Paper version of the ITHC

How to get my “International Travel Health Certificate”?

Open WeChat and enter the app by scanning the QR code below and select “View and Present International Travel Health Certificate (查看及出示国际旅行健康证明)” to proceed.

When you log in for the first time, you need to follow the instructions of the program to input your name and the travel document number (currently limited to China Mainland ID Card):

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