China Visa: Simplified Procedures to Attract More Foreign Tourists

China Visa: Simplified Procedures to Attract More Foreign Tourists

In a bid to bolster its appeal to international travelers in the wake of reopening, the Chinese government has streamlined its China visa application process for foreigners. This move is aimed at enticing a higher number of international visitors to explore the country.

The revised visa application forms, which are now readily available, have been designed to significantly reduce the time and effort required to complete them. Mao Ning, spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry, shared these updates during a routine news briefing held in Beijing, as reported by Bloomberg.

One notable change is the requirement related to an applicant’s travel history. Previously, individuals were obligated to furnish travel records spanning five years. However, under the new guidelines, applicants need only provide details of their travels over the past year.

Furthermore, the educational background section of the application now solely necessitates the disclosure of an applicant’s highest academic qualification.

Effective from March 15, China has fully reinstated the issuance of tourist visas, extended visa exemptions to certain countries, and reinstated the use of multiple-entry visas issued prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. These measures collectively signify a concerted effort by China to rejuvenate its tourism sector and welcome travelers from around the world.