This YouTube video will introduce the procedure for first-time application, renewal, and replacement of a damaged or lost Tunisian passport with the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing.


  1. Passport application form (make sure to fill it in both Arabic and French)
  2. Copy of the National ID Card (front and back sides on an A4 paper) for adults
  3. Birth certificate in case of minors
  4. 04 identity photos following this format:
  5. Copy of consular card. (If you do not have one yet, check here on how to apply)
  6. Copy of valid residence permit or your permanent residence ID card
  7. Employment certificate for those working in China
  8. Letter of enrollment for students
  9. Parental authorization for minors
  10. Old passport in case of renewal
  11. Color photocopy of all 32 pages of the current passport
  12. Form to request the return of the old passport for the attention of the Minister of the Interior
  13. Certificate of loss (declaration to the Police) or damaged passport in the event of a request for a duplicate


  • If you are applying for a passport on behalf of your kid, please add your signature right next to the signature box. Do NOT sign inside the signature box.
  • If your occupation changed from a student (at the time of getting your ID card) to work, then you can still submit your passport renewal application, but you will need to update your national ID card when you travel to Tunisia). The procedure for updating the data on your national ID card is available here (in Arabic).

When you receive your new passport, you should also receive the following letter from the embassy to show that both the old and the new passport belong to the same person:

WeChat Screenshot_20200810120827

For the consular fee, please refer here.

If you are not in Beijing, you will need to mail the application to the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing. You may find the mailing address here.