Shanghai Disneyland Introduces New Pearl Pass and Discount Limit as Annual Passes Return

Shanghai Disneyland is bringing back its Annual Pass program, albeit with a few noteworthy updates. The Annual Passes for Shanghai Disneyland initially made their debut in January 2019, nearly three years after the park’s grand opening.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes and tiers:

  1. Pass Tiers: The existing three-tier system, comprising Crystal, Sapphire, and Diamond passes, has been temporarily unavailable for purchase since March 2023.
  2. Crystal Pass Discontinuation: The Crystal pass will be phased out and replaced by the Pearl pass, starting on September 15.
  3. Pearl Pass: The Pearl pass grants guests access to Shanghai Disneyland exclusively on weekdays.
  4. Shopping Discount Cap: Annual Passholders can enjoy shopping discounts, but these will now be capped at a maximum savings of ¥100,000 (equivalent to $13,700 USD) per year.
  5. Diamond Annual Pass: The Diamond Annual Pass offers the perk of unrestricted park access throughout the year, eliminating the need for reservation requirements.
  6. Sapphire Annual Pass: Meanwhile, the Sapphire Annual Pass follows a blockout calendar and has quota limits in place. However, it still provides a minimum of 350 days when passholders can make reservations before planning their visits.
  7. Crystal Pass: Prior to its discontinuation, the Crystal Annual Pass offered a minimum of 256 days for passholders to make reservations.
Pear PassSapphire PassDiamond Pass

These changes to the Shanghai Disneyland Annual Pass program aim to enhance the visitor experience while ensuring flexibility and access for passholders. As of September 15, the transition to the updated Pearl pass and other modifications will come into effect.