Can cloud computing be secure? 5 ways to reduce risk & protect data

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The cloud computing environment is often misunderstood by most people in the industry and also out of the industry.

Most people simply do not understand exactly how it is possible to protect data on the cloud when it is accessible to everyone. Indeed, protecting data on the cloud is no easy task. A lot of technical input is required to ensure that the locations of the data are never the same. The moving aspect is what makes the cloud both unpredictable and insecure.

If you and your organization depend on the cloud for data storage, can you be guaranteed of security? Let us look at the answer to that by highlighting some of the ways to reduce the risk and protect the data.

Reduce Data Access Rights Depending on the Context

One of the best ways to ensure that the data in the cloud is safe is by reducing the access to data depending on the context of the user. For people who are in the organization, all power should be granted when it comes to data access. This is because the network within the organization can be trusted. All individuals that should access the data should also be connected with the organization. For anyone who wants to access the data away from the organization and at odd hours, then additional steps should be put in place to ensure that data security is boosted.

Be Informed on What Data is Being Accessed and by Who

When it comes to data access rights, there should always be different levels of privilege. The individuals with the highest level of privilege should be at the top when it comes to training and scrutiny. Doing this can ensure that the information is in safe hands and that the people accessing it also know how to share it wisely. The Five, Nine, Fourteen Eyes Surveillance system was particularly developed to address some of the issues that relate to data surveillance and its security among individuals at high levels of privilege.

Use Risk Level as the Yardstick to Secure Data in the Cloud

When it comes to properly secure data in the cloud, it is important to prioritize different sets of data. The fact is, not all information stored on the cloud pertaining to a certain organization is equally important. There are some information records which are more vital than others and these should be guarded with zeal. Extra encryption, surveillance, and monitoring should be granted to such databases. Risk-based data security systems have been proven to be effective by up to 65%.

Incorporate Intelligence into the Network Security System

There is no question the fact that the network is also an essential part of the cloud. It should thus be protected at the same level that the cloud is. The network protection approaches that are most effective in the modern day incorporate intelligence. Gathering the right kind of information and using it to safeguard the network. Having intelligence-based protection mechanisms ensures that the devices in the network are effective when it comes to functionality and security.

Have Real-time Visibility on the Infrastructure and Data Center

The cloud infrastructure should also be visible at all times. The visibility of the cloud can be improved by making sure that all the devices that are accessing the infrastructure are equipped with mechanisms to follow the right kind of data trails. Cloud computing is all about building a formidable security system that is not compromised when the evolution of the infrastructure is put into consideration. Advanced analytics is thus a crucial part of ensuring that real-time detection of issues and protection of data is guaranteed.


Cloud computing is definitely the way of the future.As machines become more and more interdependent, the infrastructure that comes with the cloud is important in ensuring that every organization runs smoothly. While the cloud infrastructure is important for current and future technologies, it is not yet safe enough for every organization’s use. This is why it must be protected with the most robust systems. The above tips are some of the best that you can use to protect the cloud computing infrastructure in your organization. These tips capture the most crucial aspects of cloud security.

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